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Available gift cards in Iran

Yes, there are alternative options for gifting in Iran. Giving cash as a gift is a common practice in Iran. It provides the recipient with the flexibility to use the money as they wish.

Iranians have a longstanding tradition of gifting gold and jewelry for special occasions. It is seen as a valuable and long-lasting gift. Most Iranians uses gift cards as means of gifting in many occasions.

Types of gift cards in Iran

1. Supermarket Gift Cards: Some supermarkets in Iran may offer their own gift cards, allowing recipients to purchase groceries and other items from their stores.

2. Restaurant Gift Cards: Certain restaurants or restaurant chains in Iran may offer gift cards that can be used to enjoy a meal at their establishments.

3. Retail Store Gift Cards: Some larger retail stores or shopping malls in Iran might offer gift cards that can be used to make purchases within their stores. Examples include clothing stores, electronic stores, or department stores.

4. Online Shopping Gift Cards: With the rise of e-commerce in Iran, you might find online shopping platforms or marketplaces that offer gift cards, allowing recipients to shop for various products online.

5. Amazon gift cards: Gifting loved ones an Amazon gift card in Iran is like giving them money. it is considered one of the best gift cards and vouchers in Iran. The purchase of millions of eligible goods and services provided by is common, most of the payments for this items are done successfully using the Amazon gift card. Recipients in Nigeria can redeem their gift card for Naira, Bitcoin or USDT using .

6. Steam card: Steam is a popular gaming platform where gamers can purchase different types of games. Purchasing of gaming accessories and hardwares can also be done using this gift card too. The steam ecode and wallets codes are easy way to put money into your wallet to be able to purchase games to your family member or Friend.In Nigeria both the steam card and the Ecode are traded for the Nigerian Naira or Cryptos like BTC and USDT. this assets from when your loved one sends them to you and pays you the equivalent in naira within five minutes. Visit the site for more.

How to buy gift cards in Iran

Below are the ways you or your loved one who is in Iran can buy a gift card conveniently.

Offline in physical stores 

Offline in physical store is the most common way people shop for gift cards In other to present as gift to loved ones . Buying your desired gift card from the designated store or brand is one of the safest and easiest ways to get your hand on the gift card.

Online or email delivery 

Another convenient way to purchase gift card is by purchasing it online and it is being delivered to your email address in a couple of minutes.

List of websites to buy gift cards in Iran

If you have considered buying online as an option then below are the website that can serve you:

Conclusion remains the only verified platform to trade your gift cards with. There are many scammers online who claims to redeem gift cards and ends up blocking you after receiving the card from you, to avoid loosing your funds please trade with the only verified platform in Nigeria as of 2023.

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