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What’s the difference between an iTunes gift card and an Apple Store Gift card?

Apple gift cards are consistently among the top for gift cards. You do not leave your home or buy a physical gift card any more. You can purchase gift cards online and have them sent directly to your recipient via email or snail mail.

However, if you go shopping for an Apple gift card, you’ll see multiple Apple gifts cards to choose from and it often hard to say what the gift cards are used for.

To help you out, let’s take a look at the difference between the iTunes gift card and the Apple Store gift card.

Apple Store Gift Card

The “store” part is vital to spot the difference from other Apple gift cards. They are used in the Apple Store to shop for physical products.

Apple gift card is not used to buy software, like apps or music or games or anything else made of code. They are made explicitly for hardware like iPhones, charging cables, iPad covers, Apple Watch, Mac, Beats headphones, etc. The Apple Store gift card are best if you want to buy accessories or any other physical product. 

iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are also referred to as iTunes and Apple Store. Weird name, right? Yeah it is. These cards are used for purchasing content through the iTunes Store, such as TV shows, Movies, Music, Books, and Apps. Click here to read more about the uses of iTunes gift cards.


Apple store gift cards are used to buy hardware like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Mac PC, etc. In comparison, iTunes gift cards are used to shop for software and media files.

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