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How to Exchange gift cards to Naira in Nigeria
Coming across this article simply implies that you have been searching for informations about how to redeem your gift cards to Naira in Nigeria, fortunately you've just landed at the right place legitcards.com.ng is the only legally verified platform to trade your gift cards and be credited in naira within five minutes. Have you been […]
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Is itunes Gift card the highest in rate at the moment?
Apple/itunes is everyone's favorite gift card and has remained the most sought after gift card in Nigeria due to its high rate and wide acceptance. Is itunes gift card the highest in rate? This is a popular question asked by people who wants to sell itunes/apple gift card. Since this is their favorite, knowing it […]
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What is ecode ?
Ecode Also known as Electronic gift card are forms of gift card that can be bought online, these are digital form of gift cards that can be purchased on the stores website. Once ecode is purchased it is being sent to the recipient email address for use. The recipient then goes ahead to trade it […]
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Types of Gift Cards
There are different types of Gift cards today. Because of the relevance of gift cards every brand in terms of e-commerce wants to get a share of the digital asset. Gift cards are used as a method of payment and receiving funds from family and friends in diaspora. It also serves as an alternative for […]
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How to Check Amazon Gift card balance
For more than a decade now Gift cards has been the most easiest way to receive money in Nigeria from Family and friends in diaspora without having to go through processes in the bank that might take months before you actually withdraw. However, to save themselves time , stress and disappointments that comes from dissatisfaction […]
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Where To Sell Tremendous Visa Gift Cards In Nigeria
For a long time now many traders have been looking for where to sell their tremendous Visa gift cards in Nigeria. It has been difficult to find where to sell tremendous visa cards because most vendors don't support it on their platforms. The good news is here! We are glad to inform you that you […]
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How to Convert iTunes to Bitcoin in Nigeria
Legitcards is the best and reliable website to exchange your iTunes gift card for bitcoin. Unlike other gif card brokers, we are direct loaders; hence we give the best rate in the market. Punch Newspaper and Channels TV have verified us.
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How to Check iTunes Balance in your iPhone and PC
iTunes gift card is a popular choice of gift card for Apple users. It allows them to purchase their favourite software and media files. There are different ways to redeem the iTunes gift card. Click here to read more about the different ways to redeem your iTunes gift card. When the gift card is redeemed, […]
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What’s the difference between an iTunes gift card and an Apple Store Gift card?
Apple gift cards are consistently among the top for gift cards. You do not leave your home or buy a physical gift card any more. You can purchase gift cards online and have them sent directly to your recipient via email or snail mail. However, if you go shopping for an Apple gift card, you’ll […]
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